Hi, Sweeties !

Yesterday there was Pepero day in Korea ! Do you know Pepero ? This is sticks biscuits ! Like Pocky in Japan 🙂


(This pic is not mine)

Why has Pepero its own day ? At the beginning that was a commercial campaign of Pepero launched in 11th november 1994 and it lasted. We say that 11/11 date seems like 4 Pepero sticks. Nowadays, it became the day when we give some Peperos to people we love ! I think it is a lovely holiday ^_^

But, there isn’t no Pepero in France 😦  So, I decided to make my own Peperos 😀


With shortbread paste I made sticks, I covered it with white and black chocolate and sweet stuffs ^^

I gave this sweet treats to my family, my friends and my Korean teacher ^^This was so cute and yummy hihi ~

And you ? Did you celebrate Pepero day too ? 🙂

HAPPY PEPERO DAY ~ 해피 빼빼로 데이 친구 ♥


A lovely Tea Party for a lovely friend ♥


Hi, Sweeties ! 😀

How are you doing ?

Yesterday I organized Pink & Cute Tea Party for my friend’s birthday ! ^^ I love tableware and I wanted to organise a Tea Party with my friends long time ago 🙂

My friend loves Zelda so I made this rainbow cake and I made the Link face with colored sugar paste. I made cookies and my special chesecake too ♥ Say me if you want some recipes of this desserts 🙂

We had a good time with my friends, it was a friendly moment 😀


Invitation :3


Red fruits chese cake





What do you think about my Tea Party ? ^^

Enjoy !