Clothes from Japan ☆

Hi, Sweeties !

Today I want to present you my clothes from Japan 🙂

Japan is really the best place for shopping 😀 In each towns where I have been, I could find a lot of original and excentric outfits and in really different styles : gothic lolita, romantic, cute, sweet lolita, punk, rock, girly… There are for every tastes !!

Why I really liked to do shopping in Japan ? :3 Because wherever I went, all stores have a world that is in keeping with the style of their clothes and the girls who work in stores wears the store’s clothes  ! They all are very cute, well-dressed, with perfect hair styles and makeup, they are so lovely ! It was funny to see them exclaiming in the shop in order to catch attention of the customers !

The best place in Tokyo for shopping is Harajuku of course, I really enjoyed to walk around the Takeshita dori **

But I found a lot of lovely shops in Kyoto in the Shinkyogoku shopping arcade !

And in Osaka we have been in the Amerikamura a nice place for shopping, bars and coffee shops in an American atmosphere ^^ There a lot of fashion shops and malls !


My first clothes I bought : Moomin dress !! :3

tokkisoop9 tokkisoop11

Red dress was purchased in Osaka Amerikamura, the shirt and beige dress come from Kyoto Shinkyogoku, I bought it in Olive des Olive shop, I discovered this japanese brand there and I’m crazy in love with these clothes ** That is so cute and romantic !

tokkisoop8 tokkisoop7

Clothes and accessories purchased in Harajuku ! ^^

I’m going to publish a post in order to show you my asian dressing room soon :3

Some asian brands website and online shops to buy clothes from Asia :

Liz Liza (Japanese clothing)

Olive des Olive (Japanese clothing)

Ank Rouge (Japanese clothing)

Kimikorea (European online shop)

Yesstyle (International online shop)

Le Bunny Bleu (shoes brand’s online shop)

Enjoy !


Hair color transformation ~

Hi sweeties !

How are doing ? ^^

Today I decided to change my hair color ! So I choose a hair coloring that I brought from Japan.


This is Beauteen hair coloring brand, apple rose color.


Into the box 😀 I like Japanese products, even the illustrations in the manual are cute huhu ~


Waiting laps, 25 minutes…


Done !!


In real it’s less red than on the pic. I’m so glad with this color ! I hope the color keeps because my previous color disappeared after only one week then it was a Palty hair coloring ><

Thank you for reading ~

You like Japanese hair coloring too ? Don’t hesitate to show me your hair color 😉

Have a nice Sunday, Enjoy ♥

Disneyland Resort Tokyo


Hi Sweeties !

Today I want to talk about Tokyo’s Disneyland resort ! I went to go there one day and I could see is not really different Disneyland Paris but it’s bigger. There was 30th anniversary + Halloween so the castle was decorated  ** Sorry, I hadn’t my camera so I haven’t many pics 😦


Fantasy small world :p

I have been surprised to see a lot of cute and amazing visitors cosplayed or dressed like disney’s characters in the park !  Then, we didn’t know if people worked in Disneyland or they’re just visitors, it’s so funny ! kkk ~ We don’t see that in France haha And you, did you see that in another Disneyland parks ? ^^

Anyway, there was a lot of awesome handmade cosplays ** Groups of friends and couples wore the same outfits ! And even babies was dressed in disney style, so cute ! Japanese are so adorable haha ~


My favorite cosplay ~ Two really cute bunnies ! Their outfit are great quality, I love color and accessories, really cute ~


Another handmade cosplay. Strawberry princess :3

Japanese girls are so picky with their outfits !


And finally pretty Japanese Disney’s Princess 😀 I don’t know if their cosplays were handmade but they were so beautiful **

So, if I return in Disneyland Tokyo someday I will cosplay myself too haha Maybe… like Rapunzel ** Who would want to be Flynn ? xD

Thank for following this blog ♥

Good night ~

IU ~ Modern Times


Do you know this talented singer IU ? She’s my idol ! I love her voice, her songs and she’s so pretty and cute !

Her new album, Modern Times is in vintage spirit and is inspired by the 20’s with jazzy sounds. I love the IU’s new style 😀 I had bought her previous album, I need to buy this one **

This is my favorite extracts from her album which I recommend you to listen :

So, what do you think ? 😉

Hello Kitty Cafe


During my trip in South Korea I discovered a lovely place in Seoul, Hongdae : the Hello Kitty Cafe ! Maybe if you are an unconditional fan of this cute kitten you already know this cafe 🙂

It’s a little expensive (like all Hello Kitty products…) but it is one of the original cafes in Seoul you have to see ! Ok, especially for girls who love pink and Hello Kitty of course x3 About me I would be happy to return there ^^

Now let’s see pics !

tokkisoop_hk2 tokkisoop_hk3

tokkisoop_hk4 tokkisoop_hk5

tokkisoop_hk10 tokkisoop_hk11

tokkisoop_hk13 tokkisoop_hk12


The restroom ~ Cuuute !

tokkisoop_hk6 tokkisoop_hk7

tokkisoop_hk8 tokkisoop_hk9

Our order :

Hot chocolate, sundae strawberry flavor & cute HK waffle ^-^

tokkisoop1 tokkisoop_hk15

So yummyyy ~

Enjoy Sweeties !

Paris Manga 2013


Hi, Sweeties !

Last saturday there was Paris Manga ! It is a Japan & mangas convention that takes place in Paris of course kkk

I went to Paris to visit my best friend who live there since August and went to Paris Manga in the same time.


This lovely couple with their great outfits had a lot of cute stuffs and accessories for Pullips on their stand ** Please visit their online shop :


Awesome Mononoke Hime cosplay **


And finally I bought this adorable pink baby Alpaca ♥♥ I’m so crazy in love hihihi And I too bought grey circle lens I’m wearing on the pic ^^

Kiss kiss Sweeties ♥

My shopping

Hi sweeties !

I got back from Japan one month ago. I stayed there two fabulous weeks, I discovered an really different culture, Japanese people are so friendly but a little closed mind… Anyway, I really liked to shop especially in Harajuku the paradise of fashion huhu ! Let’s show you my shopping and cute stuffs from Japan 😀



Yummy sweets and chocolate ! In Asia treats are so colorful and have very eccentric flavors, I like it *w*

I bought : Kitkat strawberry flavor and Kitkat balls matcha flavor, Milky white chocolate balls ? I’m not sure haha and Milky chocolate & honey from Fujiya brand, (do you know this brand ? I will write a post about Fujiya later). And this cute Rilakkuma was given to me by a Japanese boy who I met in Tokyo ^^ And the little white dog, it’s my friend who caught it in a UFO catcher :p


And the best : CHOCOPIE !! Do you know this yummy korean biscuit ? I like it ** Here’s cappuccino flavor :3 MIAM ~


Hair coloring ! I like japanese hair coloring, colors are original ^^

My next hair color is the third : apple rose ^^